InterContinental Hotel | Dubai Festival City | UAE 09-10 Nov 2018

Free CME Training | 10th Dental Facial Cosmetic Exhibition

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Scanning, designing and Milling a Crown


  1. Participants will get a closer look at the Full CADCAM system
  2. Participants will be able to understand the intra-oral scanning technique
  3. Participants will understand the steps of Designing a Crown and the different design options
  4. Participants will understand the Milling procedure and see the fitting of the Crown
  5. Participants will be able to time the whole process in under 30 minutes.


Seeing is believing… In this session, the participants will be able to see that the following:

  1. Scanning = less than 1 minute
  2. Designing = less than 10 minutes
  3. Milling= Around 10-15 minutes
  4. Fitting

During the 10 minutes milling time the participants will get to try scanning on models to experience holding the Intra-oral camera and try to compare this Impression Technique to the manual Silicon Impressions. Know about the challenges and what makes a scan (and a scanner) better. Participants will also see the Design steps and options, see live Milling and of course in the end see the milled restoration and try it on the model.

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