Online Event | UAE Timezone (GST) 11-14 Nov 2021

16th CAD/CAM & Digital Dentistry Conference

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The importance of “bleaching" in align bleach and bond


Whitening often seems the simplest part of an aesthetic dental treatment s but often it is the most important and can have a huge impact. In this presentation, Dr Tif Qureshi will Walk you through how to get the very best results in dental whitening in your own practice. The features of optimal whitening tray design will be outlined. Tif will explain techniques in how to coach your patients to the best whitening results through education.  How whitening fits in with a minimally invasive, lifetime approach to patient function and aesthetics will be explained in a way that every single dentist can go back into their practice and start with a new approach to patient care.

Learning Objectives

  • How to incorporate whitening in minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry to maximise results using the Align Bleach Bond Protocol.
  • Critical instructions for patients using the Philips Zoom tray and whitening system
  • How to minimise sensitivity. Factors for success in whitening cases. 
  • How to maximise patient compliance, improve outcomes and long term maintenance
  • How Align bleach and bond on your own patients can be your biggest practice builder
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