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16th CAD/CAM & Digital Dentistry Conference

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Implant assisted prosthetics: Fixed and removable options


Treatment protocols for fixed and removable implant restorations have a significant number of overlapping principles including surgical treatment planning, aesthetic determinants for tooth shape and position, impression techniques, and laboratory communication. The main goal of any final restoration is to provide a high-level of biocompatibility while simultaneously restoring cosmetics and comfort to the patient. This presentation will cover several case studies ranging from single central restoration to full-mouth implant-supported dentures. Various prosthodontic challenges for each case will be outlined and the solutions explained in detail that were utilized to achieve a successful outcome. 

Learning Objectives

  • Review various treatment planning principles found in the field of contemporary implant dentistry for both fixed and removable prosthetic options. 
  • Analyze many of the current materials available to the clinician and dental technician that can be utilized in the restoration of implants, fixed crown and bridge, and removable prosthetic treatment plans. 
  • Recognize the advantages and limitations of contemporary endosseous implant therapy.
  • Determine the chairside/benchtop protocols that will ensure the highest level of quality and efficacy that will augment successful patient outcomes in the final product at delivery.
  • Apply new concepts and techniques within the dental clinic and dental laboratory.
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