Dental Hygienist Seminar 2018

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Salivary Dysfunction. Dry Mouth, Causation and Recording its Severity.


10-30% of the entire population may experience symptoms of dry mouth (Xerostomia-a subjective sensation of dry mouth). A condition – salivary gland dysfunction/ hypofunction - a lower than normal flow rate is caused by auto-immune diseases, medical conditions and some medications. This has to be confirmed by sialometry- objective measures of salivary secretion. Dry Mouth can affect the quality of life: Surface area of 200-400cm2. Problems wearing the prosthesis. Diets often have to be modified (Quandt et al.2011). Speaking problems. Eating problems. Oral health issues. Soreness.

Aims and Objectives

  • To update the DCP on Xerostomia and Oral dryness: its aetiology and evidence base.
  • To explore the existing indices and assessments for the quantifying and documentation of dry mouth.
  •  To develop the knowledge of medicaments and what works in the palliative treatment of oral dryness.
  • GDC Outcomes: A, B, and C.
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