The power of predictability – what to expect from technology and how to achieve our desired outcomes
30 Nov 2022 ON-DEMAND Area of interest: General Dentistry, Orthodontics


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Disruptive innovations will greatly impact how dentistry will be practiced and how patients will take care of themselves in the future. We’re open to new things and get enthusiastic about future possibilities.

Not long ago, one of the most common childhood fears was going to the dentist. Who would not relate? Sitting in a huge chair illuminated by blinding light, enduring lengthy seated sessions with someone looking and poking inside your mouth using edgy and frightening devices, producing sounds like the screams of tortured souls from hell. And finally, when the misery is over, that same someone tells you not to eat your favorite sweets and instructs you to brush your teeth regularly.

Covid accelerated the process and we´re exposed to more and more new technologies that will in the near future promote exciting and promising advantages to the patients and dental professionals.

Teledentistry, remote monitoring, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, smart toothbrushes are some of the examples that we already have out in the market.

Intraoral scanners are getting more and more advanced and planning software for clear aligner therapy are proving to match our expectations more than ever. We´re seeing a strong patient growth potential in the dental offices with many patients looking for esthetic treatment and solutions that would be more comfortable, safe, and reliable. That same technology that provides predictable outcomes also helps educate the patients, serving as a motivational tool for maximum cooperation.

The future is bright, and we shall see more and more beautiful and healthy smiles around us.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how to use the current technology available in the market
  • Learn how to get access to low-cost solutions that provide better predictability
  • How clear aligners can boost your practice
  • Preparing for an interdisciplinary future: how to collaborate and interact with your colleagues
  • Improve the cooperation of your patients and improve your engagement skills