Soft tissue considerations for short term ortho
12 Jun 2024 Online Event | 22:00 UAE | 21:00 KSA & Kuwait | 20:00 Egypt Area of interest: General Dentistry, Oral Hygiene


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As short term orthodontics becomes more and more popular, the importance of assessing the soft tissues is paramount. Comprehensive assessment of the soft tissues prior to orthodontic treatment will allow you to prepare patients for potential side effects and subsequent management strategies. This webinar will also give an insight contemporary mucogingival surgery can offer to patients who may suffer from recession pre and post ortho. Highly relevant for dentists, dental hygienists and therapists 

Learning Objectives

  • Assessment of gingival tissues for patients pre, during and post orthodontics therapy
  • Identify key clinical features that may indicate a risk for soft tissue changes during orthodontic therapy
  • Aware of the soft tissue side effects that can occur during and after orthodontic therapy
  • Identify cases that require soft tissue augmentation prior to orthodontic therapy and those requiring it post orthodontic therapy
  • Aware of the potential treatment modalities to manage gingival recessions  

Moderation by Dr. Stephen Hancocks

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