Treating Simple to Complex Orthodontic Cases with Clear Aligners
11 Apr 2022 Area of interest: Orthodontics



Clear aligners are now successfully used in many complex cases in both adult and teen patients. This success comes from the incredible improvements of the ClinCheck Pro software which now gives the clinician the possibility to digitally plan every detail of the treatment in advance, in addition to the many innovations released to enhance clear aligner biomechanics. During this lecture, Dr. Migliori will discuss the broad applicability of clear aligner orthodontics and discuss the spectrum of malocclusions that now can be treated today in 2022.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the innovations and advancements that have been done within clear aligner technology
  • Gain information about the scope of orthodontic cases that can be treated with clear aligners
  • Better understand aligner biomechanics
  • Acquire knowledge about clinical tips for achieving successful outcomes and increasing efficiency throughout the treatments with clear aligners