Clinical strategies for the management of dentine hypersensitivity
17 Jun 2021, 14:00 UAE Timezone (GST) |20:00 Australia Timezone (AEST) Online Event Area of interest: General Dentistry, Oral Hygiene


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Tooth sensitivity is a common presenting concern of patients visiting a dental practice. In many cases, the cause may be obvious, while in others it is far more difficult to establish. There are many suggested techniques for the management of dentine hypersensitivity, but these may not always be successful in all cases, or there may be a recurrence of the hypersensitivity. This presentation will review the causes of dentine hypersensitivity, the variation that exists between different patients, and within different teeth in the same patient. Diagnostic techniques will be discussed and a number of approaches to management will be covered to assist the practitioner in helping patients manage their hypersensitivity.

Topics to be discussed:

  • What is dentine hypersensitivity?
  • Why do teeth get hypersensitive?
  • What diagnostic techniques and tools can be used?
  • How do we manage hypersensitivity?
  • Comparison of treatment options
  • In-office and at-home strategies
  • Desensitisation vs Remineralisation vs Restoration
  • Preventing recurrence of hypersensitivity