Making endo work for you
27 May 2021, 20:00 WATCH ON-DEMAND Area of interest: Endodontics




The use of Nickel Titanium mechanical endodontic instruments has changed forever the way canals are prepared and their advantages are many when compared to the well-documented disadvantages and inadequacies of hand instrumentation. However, many colleagues are reluctant to embrace the technology on the basis that techniques are too complicated, too many instruments are required to achieve the desired outcome and the fear of breakage continues.

Reciprocating file systems and their movement, advanced metallurgy, optimised tip diameters, tapers and an altered cross-section have improved safety, efficiency, and flexibility when shaping canals. In over 80% of cases, only ONE single reciprocating instrument is needed to shape the canal confidently, thus reducing the number of instruments in any given sequence to an absolute minimum.

During the present COVID-19 pandemic many dental offices are inundated with endodontic emergencies. Clinicians will need an efficient, rapid and very safe shaping technique so that adequate three-dimensional cleaning and obturation of the root canal system can be optimised for continued endodontic success. 

Shaping with a reciprocating single file system takes confidence and simplicity to another spectacular level.


  • Understand the principles of shaping canals for adequate irrigation and obturation of the root canal system
  • Understand the metallurgy of reciprocating file systems and the advantages these systems offer
  • How to use a  reciprocating file system to confidently, safely and efficiently shape canals

Learning objectives

  • How to fulfil the biological and mechanical objectives of shaping canals
  • Learn a simple, efficient and safe  technique to confidently shape canals
  • Use single file nickel-titanium reciprocating instruments to quickly deal with endodontic emergencies
  • Gain awareness of three-dimensional obturation solutions matched to shaping instruments