How to shape the root canal system in a reproducible and conservative way with the reciprocation motion?
17 Jun 2022 Online Event | 17:00 | UAE Timezone (GST) Area of interest: General Dentistry, Endodontics



Shaping the root canal system is one of the main steps to ensure sufficient chemical disinfection followed by three-dimensional filling that would eventually lead to clinical and radiographic long-term success. 

The shaping must respect the original anatomy in easy and complex cases with progressive or abrupt curvatures. The Reciprocation motion has proven its ability to create minimal canal transportation, ledges and file separation during glide path and canal preparation. Moreover, heat treated instruments such as the R motion allow for better flexibility, improved resistance to fracture and the possibility to pre-bend the instrument with a high cutting efficiency and shortened working time.   

During this presentation, we will discuss a system that creates the shape and resistance form, with improved irrigation and 3 dimensional obturation while being conservative. The clinical management of the unusual morphology will also be discussed from the access cavity preparation to the shaping procedure. The purpose is to propose a reproducible, conservative and predictable way to shape unpredictable anatomy using the reciprocating motion.

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