Clinical Implications of Salivary Hypofunction and Xerostomia
10 Sep 2020 Area of interest: General Dentistry


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  • Clinical assessment and evaluation of salivary function
  • The impact of an individual’s general health, medications, diet, and lifestyle on their salivary function
  • Risks to the hard and soft tissues associated with reduced salivary flow
  • Clinical techniques for restoration and rehabilitation of the worn and broken down dentition
  • Home care regimes and ongoing management strategies

Saliva performs a multiplicity of roles within the oral cavity, and like many things in life, its importance is usually not appreciated until it is absent. Reductions in the quantity of salivary secreted, or changes in the properties of saliva, are responsible for a host of related oral and dental problems which may impact directly upon quality of life. This presentation will discuss how the oral health professional can assist patients with management of their dry mouth condition, demonstrate techniques for restoration and rehabilitation of the damaged dentition, and provide clinical hints and tips for maintaining a healthy oral environment.

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