Digital workflow. A close look into the CEREC system. Restorative possibilities and capabilities
21 May 2022, 20:00 WATCH ON-DEMAND Area of interest: General Dentistry, Restorative Dentistry




Chairside digital dentistry is a reality and everything starts with a scan. There are many capabilities that can be outlined in a chairside scanner. Moreover, there is a large number of manufacturers offering CAD/CAM systems. There are mainly 2 options of systems namely: 1. computer-aided imaging (CAI) and 2. computer-aided design (CAD). Both are capable of acquiring an optical impression. The main difference lies in the presence or absence of integrated software to design a restoration. Both are capable to send files to a laboratory but only the latter is capable to fabricate restorations chairside. The main objective of this webinar is to have a close look into the Cerec CAD/CAM system, a complete system that offers many capabilities and a variety of restorative possibilities. It can be used simply as an acquisition platform or in-depth as a design and manufacturing system. Possible materials and the cementation workflow will also be discussed. The focus will be given to the chairside workflow.

Learning objectives

  • Understand the workflow for a digital impression
  • Understand the digital workflow for fabricating an indirect restoration
  • Understand the chairside and laboratory workflow to fabricate an indirect restoration
  • Indicate or contraindicate the fabrication of a restoration chairside
  • Understand the possibilities of materials to fabricate a chairside CAD/CAM restoration
  • Indicate different materials and techniques to cement restorations