Advances in reconstructive periodontal surgery
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14 Nov 2024, 09:00 - 18:00 CAPP Training Institute | Dubai | UAE Area of interest: General Dentistry, Periodontics

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This course is designed to give the participant a comprehensive overview of different procedures that can be used for periodontal regeneration and esthetic root coverage procedures. 

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the use of different biomaterials and techniques for the treatment of intrabony defects
  • Discuss in detail about the Minimally invasive surgical techniques (Papilla preservation techniques, flapless approach)
  • Identify the basic and advanced surgical techniques for esthetic root coverage
  • Evaluate how to choose sutures and different suturing techniques
  • Discuss the postoperative treatment protocol to follow for reconstructive periodontal surgery.


Lecture: Regenerative periodontal surgery (Papilla preservation flap, MIST, M-MIST, MINST)
Coffee Break
Hands-on: Minimally invasive surgical techniques for the treatment of intrabony defects
Lunch Break
Lecture: Periodontal plastic surgery around teeth and implants (CAF, Tunnel techniques, application of connective tissue graft/collagen matrix)
Hands-on: Surgical treatment of single and multiple recession defects

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