A Comprehensive Approach for the Dental and Periodontal Patient: From Active Therapy to Maintenance Treatment
Hands-on course
09 Nov 2019 Dubai | UAE | CAPP Training Institute Area of interest: Oral Care

Morning Session

The periodontal assessment and diagnose of periodontal disease.

Supragingival and subgingival debridement by mean of scalers, universal curettes and area specific  curettes, hoes and periodontal files in periodontally compromised patients.

Titanium implants care in health, mucositis and periimplantitis. 

Afternoon Session

Practice on periodontal typodonts for different fulcrum and clinician positions for instrument implementation.

Practice on typodonts of periodontal and color view probes, periodontal explorers, scalers (traditional vs Nevi), universal curettes and last generation of Gracey curettes (Afterfives, Minifives, Micromini, Biogent), hoes, files, titanium scalers and curettes, Implacare.

Sharpening manual technique and semiautomatic technique (stones, diamond card and sidekick).