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CAPP November Dental Livestream

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Virtual patient in implant dentistry

Date: 25 November 2023 | Time: 12:00-13:00 (GST) | Location: Online Event


Advancements in the field of implantology such as three-dimensional imaging, implant-planning software, computer-aided-design/computer-aided-manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology, and computer-guided implant surgery have led to the computerization of implant-dentistry. This three-dimensional computer-generated implant-planning and surgery has not only enabled accurate preoperative evaluation of the anatomic limitations but has also facilitated preoperative planning of implant positions along with virtual implant placement and subsequently transferring the virtual treatment plans onto the surgical phase via static (guided) or dynamic (navigated) systems aided by CAD/CAM technology. Computerized-implant-dentistry being highly predictable and minimally invasive in nature has also allowed implant placement in patients with complex dental situations, in patients with complex problems following a significant alteration of the bony anatomy as a result of loss of dentition for a long period of time. With significant achievements accomplished in the field of computerized implant-dentistry, attempts are now been made toward complete automation of implant-dentistry. 

In the following webinar, the speaker will present case series of complicated implant situations where the computer aided planing made the management of cases more predictable, smoother, shorter and more acceptable from patient point of view. 

Learning objectives

  • Workflow of computer aided planing for simple and complicated implant situations.
  • The advantages of using computer aided surgical guides in implant dentistry. 
  • Prosthetically driven approach in planning for simple and complicated situations in implant dentistry. 
  • How to digitally manage the absence of restorative space in posterior segments in the area of implant dentistry . 
  • Presenting the utilization of modern technologies in planing, execution and restoring implants. 
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