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CAPP November Dental Livestream

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Stackable guides: A new era in implantoprosthetics?

Date: 26 November 2023 | Time: 10:00-11:00 (GST) | Location: Online Event


In our pursuit for increased precision, shorter treatment durations, and fewer dental appointments, new technologies and digital tools have become invaluable. Today we have powerful digital tools for transferring the preoperative occlusion and aesthetic determinants to the final prosthetics utilizing intraoral scanning, CBCT, 3D and 2D photos, and creating a 'digital patient'. This allows us to plan the course of therapy, the appearance of prosthetic work, implant positions and all supporting procedures such as soft tissue management and bone augmentation, unencumbered by time constraints. 

The purpose of this session is to present implantoprosthetic therapy with Stackable Guides.

The Stackable Guides Concept is a fully digitized, prosthetically guided implant therapy where, in the same procedure we place implants with surgical and prosthetic templates and immediately load them with provisional prosthetics on temporary abutments. The production of final prosthetics is based on provisional prosthetics and its eventual modifications by creating an identical copy through scanning in a laboratory scanner with attached implant scan analogues on the provisionals.

The advantages of the concept compared to classical implantoprosthetic therapy are the predictability of outcome, improved biomechanics, reproducibility, easy eventual repairs, fewer visits, faster course of therapy, better oral hygiene, better relationship with the oral mucosa, no period of toothlessness, shorter period of getting used to it and better acceptance of the therapy plan.

Learning objectives

  • Modern approach to planning complex guided implantoprosthetic therapies.
  • Creating a 'digital patient', superimposing intraoral scans, CBCT, 3D face scans, virtual wax up, implant and porsthetic guides designs.
  • Designing implant and prosthetic guides.
  • Understanding the Stackable Guides Concept workflow.
  • How to transfer preop occlusion determinants to the final prosthetics.
  • Discuss the future developement and possibilities of Stacable Guides Concept.
  • Benefits in comparison to the conventional technique.
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