9th Dental Facial Cosmetic International Conference

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Progressive Smile Design. An Introduction

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, dental professionals in an effort to give their patients a nicer smile often focus on providing the patient with an idealized smile. Translating the elements of a beautiful smile into proportions, ratios, rules etc. that can be easily conveyed to a dental technician, easily reproduced, easily taught and remembered.

This rigid adherence to smile design principles may, in some circumstances, result in patients having more treatment than they may require meeting the needs. Moreover, several studies have shown that many patients’ goal is a natural smile and that smiles that correspond to these idealized principles are not actually viewed as any more aesthetic.

It has been shown that there can be a low correlation between what a clinician believes requires aesthetic correction and the patient’s view. Dental appearance can have a significant effect on the patient’s self-perception and social interaction In my view, our goal in aesthetic dentistry should be a smile that the patient views as meeting their aesthetic goals and requires the least amount of tooth tissue loss at a reasonable cost.

A progressive approach where the smile is gradually improved and the patient is allowed to see and assess the improvement before committing to the next stage is a sensible and pragmatic approach. Using a protocol of Align Bleach and Bond we can take the patient quickly through this progressive journey and also make the provision of ceramic restorations more simplified by ensuring the optimal position of the underlying teeth so that the process of shade matching, preparation, impression taking and adhesive cementation is more predictable: setting the scene for long-lasting success.

In this talk, Andrew will outline the progressive smile design principles and introduce the Inman Aligner a quick, simple removable dental appliance for the alignment of the anterior teeth, as a tool for use in this protocol.

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