9th Dental Facial Cosmetic International Conference

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Another Dimension of Composite Restoration – New Possibilities

In the last decade, we had experienced an evolution of composite materials and treatment techniques. High-end materials like nanohybrid composite, prefabricated composite veneers or high dense composite CAD blocks gives us the opportunity to combine these materials together. Until today we used to choose a different material for several indications. Now we are able to extend the indications only using composite. Better physical an optical properties allow us to make affordable direct restorations in one visit, where normally lab made restorations were used. Different solutions will be discussed like CAD CAM Crios composite crowns on implants, split crown technique (core body and enamel), Crios crowns together with component, extension Crowns with pontic etc..Other topics are shade modification, surface texture and gloss, internal and external characterization and lifetime expectation regarding the cost-benefit relationship.

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