Online Event | UAE Timezone (GST) 26 Nov 2021

Digital Orthodontics Symposium 2021

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Crossbite & midline discrepancies - the benefits of the clear aligner treatments. Protocols and beyond


Midline discrepancy is a condition in which there is a deviation between midsagittal lines of maxillary and mandibular arches. It involves asymmetric AP relationships, functional shift related to a crossbite, tooth size discrepancies, missing teeth, skeletal malocclusions. Anterior and posterior crossbite & midline cases reflect the facial and smile aesthetic. The importance of the differential diagnosis in those cases is crucial. It is always important to take considerations before starting the treatment to have more predictability and success in your treatment plan. 

The use of the aligners and their benefits in contemporary orthodontic treatment increased significantly in recent years. The aligners are one of the treatment options in crossbite and midline discrepancy cases with a very high rate of success.

This lecture will evaluate the default aligner protocol treating anterior and posterior crossbite & midline discrepancy cases, discuss attachments and helpful features, presentation of cases with a different approach beyond the protocol in some of them.

Learning Objectives

  • Classification, complexity and predictability of the cases
  • General treatment considerations
  • Attachments, auxiliaries and features in crossbite and midline discrepancy cases
  • How to develop your treatment using aligners 
  • Presentation of crossbite & midline discrepancy cases
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