Spiros Chatzigeorgiou, Greece
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He is a certified dental technician, who aspires that each of his constructions is built to perfection.

Spiros is committed to making crowns, bridges and veneers that will improve the patient's appearance. He is competent in all aspects of crown and veneer manufacture and happy to work with patients and take part in all stages of a restoration.

He aims at providing a valued health care service that will positively affect a person's oral health and self-image. His key strength is hid ability to provide patients who have few or no natural teeth with crowns that guarantee a natural result. Over the past  years he has been working on the analysis of physical and optical/light properties.

He has been experimenting with ceramic materials and has developed ceramic layering systems that make lab works match natural teeth. He was an opinion leader for the Dutch ceramic company "Elephant" and he is currently a opinion leader for Kulzer as a Technical Reference Facility certificate holder and also the pilot lab of Kulzer in Greece. The highlight of his work so far is his book "Dental Ceramics: My theory in action".