Mary Rose Pincelli Boglione, Italy
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Mary Rose Pincelli Boglione is a graduate of Forsyth School of Dental Hygiene in Boston, Mass. USA.

Currently, she is working in a private clinical periodontal practice in Florence, Italy and is an Associate Professor having taught clinical dental hygiene for ten years at the University of Bologna, Italy. Mary Rose Pincelli Boglione has had the opportunity to be visiting a professor at the Forsyth School of Dental Hygiene and at Karlstad University in Karlstad, Sweden.

Mary Rose is also a consultant for an Italian pharmaceutical company regarding dental hygiene products and marketing. As a very active member of the Italian Dental Hygienist Association and delegate of the International Federation of Dental Hygienists, she contributed a lot to the Dental Hygiene Society.

This year Mary Rose has been elected as treasurer too the IFDH and in 2010 was the recipient of the prestigious Esther M. Wilkins Alumni Award.