Mr Tom Huigen, The Netherlands
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Tom was born in 1984 in The Netherlands. After earning his degree in Management, Economics, and Law from the University of Rotterdam, Tom has worked for ten years as the Sales & Marketing Director for the largest chain of dental laboratories in Europe. In this function, he was responsible for relationship management with 2,000 dental clinics. Furthermore, he has brought various new and innovative products to market, including the intraoral scanners.

Since 2015, he has been running a highly successful multi-specialty dental center in The Netherlands, alongside a group of dentists. In this practice, everything revolves around the patient, and the Twinsmile concept has been fully integrated. Besides this, Tom is the CEO of Twinsmile AG Switzerland, with locations in Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, and Korea; and travels the world in order to share his passion and give lectures about Emotional Dental Marketing.