Mr Philippe De Moyer, Belgium
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ACADEMIC TITLES: Master Dental technician.

  • 42 years experience in the global dental field.
  • 17 years experience in guided surgery.
  • Founder of different Dental Laboratories.


  • Analytic study with the university VUB (Vrije Universiteit Brussel): “Tools, technology, research for implant placement with a guided system” (service Professor Peter Bottenberg).
  • Analytic heat study regarding Zircon drills with the university VUB (service Professor Peter Bottenberg).
  • Applied research in guided surgery on patients VUB (service Professor Georges Wackens).

SCIENTIFIC publications: Quintensens, Dentalforum,

Developments and inventions:

  • Inventor of 7 patients in the dental implants and dental implant guided surgery.
  • Creator of the 2INGIS system with the focus on the development of analytic software and patient individual surgical guides for dental implant placements avoiding the problems from the standard central sleeve surgical guides. The goal of the technic is offering dentist and surgeons the possibility to use all surgical technics like drilling, bone expanding, bone condensations, piezosurgery, sinus lifting, by a guided way. The technic is also focusing on all the patients' security aspects and the prosthetic expectations.