Mr Aiham Farah, Syria
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Aiham is a Certified Dental Technician by the national board for certification in USA 2007, with a specialty of (Dental Ceramic Material), currently, he is a Consultant & Trainer for Ivoclar Vivadent company, in the region of near east & orient since 2009 with a more than 25 training session a year. Aiham is also a speaker in dental local and international conferences and demonstrator in courses and workshops for dental teams in MENA region. He writes and publishes articles in dental magazines like (Reflect, Dental Tribune, Dental Labor, Arab Dental News), and presents in seminars for dental education programs and universities. He is a member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry AACD and has been awarded (best esthetic case) MENA 2013, and (best contribution to Digital Dentistry Excellence Award) MENA 2015. Additionally, he was a lecturer at Al-Kalmoon University, Dental Technology Division in Syria in 2010, next to running his esthetic line private laboratory. Aiham is an Associate University Degree holder in Dental Laboratory Technology from Albalqa University in Jordan 2002, and American Evaluation of Academic Credentials by Queens College, University of New York, the USA in 2006.