Dr Saeed Ali Althani, UAE
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Dr. Saeed Althani has extensive expertise in Arthroscopy, Sports Medicine, and Joint Reconstruction. His knowledge ranges from early cartilage injury to the need for a full joint replacement.

Dr. Althani received his MBBS from the College of Medicine and Medical Science at Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University (King Faisal University) in Saudi Arabia in 1993. He completed the Orthopedic residency program in 2003 at the University of Toronto, Canada. Later, he completed fellowships in Hand, Sports Medicine/Arthroscopy, and Joint Reconstruction in Toronto, Canada. He also gives lectures in national and international forums and, through his basic science and clinical research, has mastered several innovative techniques for the treatment of shoulder, elbow, and knee conditions.

Dr. Althani is the Past President of the Emirates Orthopedic Society, the Past Chairperson of the Education Committee AOTrauma MENA, and a member of the Arab Board Orthopedic Examination Committee. Throughout the years, he has been an international speaker in the field of orthopedics, especially for shoulder and knee surgeries. He specializes in the treatment of arthritis in both old and young, active patients.