Dr Pawel Szuba-Paszkiewicz, Poland
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In 2004 Dr. Pawel Szuba-Paszkiewicz graduated with distinction from the Faculty of Dentistry at the Medical University in Wroclaw. As a student, he started to obtain his professional experience in a dental practice run by his parents, which enabled him to gain invaluable practical knowledge and skills. The skills in question turned out to be necessary and extremely motivating while dealing with difficult clinical cases. Since 2002 Dr. Paszkiewicz has participated in many professional courses, conferences, and symposia which subjects were related to the latest trends in endodontics and prosthodontics. As far as professional development is concerned, his skills also developed in collaboration with the prestigious dental clinics in Wroclaw (Poland).

Currently, Paul Szuba-Paszkiewicz with passion and precision carries out treatments of complex medical procedures in the field of CAD/CAM prosthodontics, full-mouth rehabilitation, and minimal-invasive aesthetic dentistry. In cooperation with Carestream Dental, Harvard Dental, Lasotronix, Cer-Kamed, Tokuyama Dental and OrangeDental he conducts research on the use of photoactive disinfection (PAD) in the treatment of periodontal/periapical diseases. Nowadays his professional interest is focused on Digital Dentistry with its complete workflow. He has put forward and implemented his own innovatory procedure of tissue retraction during digital prosthodontic procedures (DiaC-Traction - Diathermy-Guided Chemo-Mechanical Retraction), as well as innovative fast and complex smile designing protocol. Apart from his work, he is a keen snowboarder and a guitar player.