Prof Dr Marcio Vivan Cardoso, Brazil
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Prof. Marcio Vivan Cardoso is a Brazilian dentist who obtained his degrees from Sao Paulo University, including a Master and a PhD in Restorative Dentistry. Besides pursuing experience in both public and private sectors, he has been intensively involved in the academic formation of dentists as a lecturer at different institutions, always focusing the areas of dental materials, minimal intervention dentistry and aesthetic dentistry. After his PhD, Prof. Vivan Cardoso was appointed as Pos-Doctorate Researcher at KU Leuven, Belgium, where he conducted research on biomaterials, producing a considerable number of scientific articles published in different international peer-reviewed journals. He is also the author of book chapters and collaborates as a reviewer for international peer-reviewed journals. He follows nowadays a tenure academic track at KU Leuven, Belgium, as Assistant Professor and Coordinator of Clinical Skills Training Center. He is also responsible for the coordination of the Secretary of the Continental European Division of the International Association of Dental Research (CED-IADR).