Dr Hugo Sousa Dias, Portugal
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Dr. Hugo Sousa Dias is an esteemed Endodontist based in Porto, Portugal. He completed his dental degree at University Fernando Pessoa and pursued an Endodontic post-graduation program at the University of Lisbon - School of Dentistry. Dr. Dias is an Invited Professor at IUCS - CESPU University, actively contributing to the Endodontia Post-graduation Program. He collaborates with renowned institutions, including University of Porto - School of Dentistry, Catolica University - School of Dentistry, and University of Lisbon - School of Dentistry.

As a prominent member of "The Clinical Masters Network," he conducts joint training programs covering various vital topics. Dr. Hugo Sousa Dias served as the Director of the Masters in Endodontics - Clinical Residency at Foramen Dental Education Center and founded the Portuguese Endodontic Study Group and Hugo Sousa Dias & Friends Webinar Sessions. He is also a board member of the Portuguese Endodontic Society and has authored numerous articles and chapters in Endodontic Books, solidifying his expertise and reputation in the field.