Dr Francesco Mannocci, UK
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Professor of Endodontology- King’s College London
Registered specialist in Endodontics & Restorative Dentistry

Dr Mannocci joined King’s College London in 2004, which at that time had a small endodontic postgraduate unit with 4 residents/postgraduates and a large cohort of undergraduate students.  

He became head of Endodontology in 2008 and in the following years I conceived the distance learning MSc in Endodontics, expanded the Master of Clinical Dentistry in Endodontology, and was instrumental in the development of the Postgraduate Diploma in Endodontics.

King’s College London is today in all likelihood the largest postgraduate training centre in the world with 30 Endodontic residents/postgraduates and 40 Distance learning Master (MSc) students and 20 Students in the Postgraduate Diploma.

Dr Manocci has supervised 80 Master of Clinical Dentistry students in Endodontics.

He is responsible for the endodontic curriculum and teaching of undergraduates - King’s College London is the largest undergraduate school in Europe.

His clinical research has had a direct impact on everyday clinical dentistry, from the introduction of fibre posts in the early 90s to the introduction of cone beam computed tomography for endodontic diagnosis and treatment outcome assessments of endodontic diseases in 2007/2008, and more recently, the effect of race on decision making in endodontics and the effect of infection control on the outcome of root canal treatments

Dr Manocci has patented a novel device for the chairside detection of intracanal bacteria and several other devices.

Her has lectured extensively on clinical and scientific topics as a keynote speaker and given practical courses in all most important international Endodontic Scientific Meetings including the European Society of Endodontology, (ESE) the International Federation of endodontic Associations (IFEA) and in a number of National endodontic associations meetings.  

He has been invited to lecture as a keynote speaker at over 100 international meetings spanning 6 continents.  

He has also been an external examiner and assessor of established and newly developed endodontic postgraduate programs in Cardiff, Amsterdam, Athens, and Dubai.