Dr David Walt, Canada
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Dr. David Walt, DDS, MSD, FRCD(C), is a distinguished orthodontist with a passion for patient care and a commitment to innovation. Graduating with a DDS from the University of Western Ontario in 2009 and an MSD from the University of Colorado in 2012, he is well-versed in advanced orthodontic practices. Dr. Walt's expertise extends to Invisalign, holding certification since 2012, and achieving the prestigious Diamond Plus Provider status with over 2000 successful cases. He has shared his knowledge as an Align Tech Faculty Member and Speaker in 2019, inspiring fellow professionals. Additionally, Dr. Walt serves as an Ortho Coach on www.yourorthocoach.com, sharing insights with aspiring orthodontists. His private practice in Vaughan, ON, Canada, is highly acclaimed, creating radiant smiles and positively impacting lives. With an impressive career, Dr. David Walt remains at the forefront of orthodontics, leaving a remarkable legacy in the dental industry.