Assoc Prof Turki A. Bakhsh, Saudi Arabia
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Dr. Turki Bakhsh - B.D.S.- King Abdulaziz University / CACT, PhD - Tokyo Medical and Dental University. Turki Bakhsh received his PhD in 2D/3D Biomedical Imaging  of nanotechnology based dental composites from Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Tokyo, Japan and currently he is an associate professor and consultant in the department of Operative Dentistry. His main area of interest in research are composite adaptation and characterization of the nano-interaction zone at tooth-resin interface using Optical Coherence Tomography, Micro Computed Tomography, Focused Ion Beam/TEM-SEM and CLSM. He has several ISI publications and presented many of them in well-recognized conferences (IADR, SPIE,...etc). Currently he is working on several papers and contributing to many others.