Alberto Battistelli, Italy
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Member of the scientific committee of numerous international trade journals since 1984, Dr. Alberto Battistelli has conducted courses, conferences, and published numerous articles in Italy and abroad. He specializes in dental microscopy and has been offering international courses and conferences on the subject since 1987.

He is the co-author of the book "Precision in Prosthetic Restoration," published by Resh Editor in 1993. In 2001, Dr. Battistelli assumed ownership and directorship of Trident Group s.r.l., a management company specializing in dental health services.

Dr. Battistelli is known for creating a novel system for designing, modeling, and communicating the natural and functional shape of dental structures. This innovative approach, based on the mathematical concept known as "Anatomic Functional Geometry" (A.F.G.), was first published in Dental Dialog in 2002 in six different languages.

In October 2010, he authored the book "AFG Modelling" on the A.F.G. technique, which was translated into 13 languages. This publication was a collaborative effort with Dr. Dario Severino and Dr. Oto La Manna, edited by "Team Work Media SRL."

Since 2014, Dr. Battistelli has held the position of Director of the advanced training and specialization course in digital dental technology at the Guglielmo Marconi University of Rome.

In 2019, he established the Cultural Conference Center, a specialized institution dedicated to the professional training of dental technicians and dentists. On July 11, 2019, in Rome, the Presidency of the Senate of the Italian Republic recognized Dr. Battistelli with an official ceremony, along with his collaborators, designating AFG as an "ITALIAN EXCELLENCE IN THE WORLD."

In 2020, he founded the AFG Dental Academy, an International Dental Modeling Academy. In 2021, Dr. Battistelli published "AFG MEMO" with the same publisher and other co-authors, which was translated into four languages.