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Pharmacist The Dental Expert: Oral Care for your patients


The relation of pharmacy to Dentistry include three factors.

  • The pharmacist and his work
  • the dentist and his work and
  • the well-being of their shared patients

This relationship is common between the pharmacist and other healthcare specialities. However, due to a lack of dental educational opportunities for the pharmacist, there is an opportunity to upgrade skill and ultimate patient outcomes via evidence-based education and increased oral health awareness. Hence, the objective of this lecture is:

Learning Objectives

  • Educate the pharmacist about the Oral Cavity and most common oral problems and their symptoms, that a walk-in patient can present
  • Enable the pharmacist to provide informed recommendations and solutions to their patients and know when to refer to a dentist
  • Discuss common scenarios that a patient may walk into the pharmacy with and what to recommend
  • Explain what to recommend when evidence-based decision making between 1. Electric vs manual brushes 2. Comparison of toothpaste chemical compositions
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