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Dental Ultrasonic: Tips, Tricks & Techniques



Dental ultrasonic scaler has been used extensively in the treatment of periodontal disease around the globe. This course aims to highlight various kind of ultrasonic scalers (USS) available in the market and how best to use them, whether you are in Hygiene Phase Therapy or Active Periodontal Therapy or Supportive Care Therapy. The session also aims to make ultrasonic tip selective criteria straightforward. The aim of this lecture is to learn and refine properties of dental ultrasonic scaler (USS)  to carry out successful non-surgical periodontal therapy.

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss properties of various kinds of ultrasonic scaler and their use in various stages of non-surgical periodontal therapy
  • Discuss the differences between  Peizoelectric & Magnetostrictive scalers and how to make the best of it in clinical situation
  • Highlight various kinds of the ultrasonic tips available in the market and their selection criteria. 
  • Differentiate between magnetostrictive and piezoelectric scalers and their working mechanisms
  • Use USS confidently and be able to carry out non-surgical treatment effectively
  • Use USS for both cosmetic and therapeutic treatments in general dental practice
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