11-25 Oct 2013

NYU | Current Concepts in American Dentistry Middle East Program 2012 - 2013

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The Linhart Continuing Dental Education Program at New York University College of Dentistry provides the administrative support for the "Current Concepts in American Dentistry" program. Its teaching staff includes College of Dentistry faculty, alumni, and outstanding educators and researchers from other institutions and from private practice. Within the stimulating educational forum provided by these clinicians, the program seeks to create and expedite innovative modes of presentation and to maintain New York University's leadership role in the field of continuing dental education.


General Information


To provide "state-of-the-art" information regarding dental implantology, aesthetics and oral rehabilitation; to develop a biological rationale for proper treatment planning based upon sound scientific and clinical principles; to understand the integration of surgical and prosthetic components of Implantology; to successfully evaluate the quantity and quality of radiographic analyses including CT scans, panoramic x-rays and periapical x-rays; to enhance proper case selection for maximum clinical success. The program emphasis will be on scientific evidence-based knowledge and clinical experience to enable participants to utilize increased knowledge and skills in treating patients for maximum success. This clinically oriented educational experience will illustrate cosmetic and prosthetic concepts and procedures for constructing restorations that are of the highest technical, biologic, and cosmetic quality.


Implantology, Aesthetic Dentistry, Perio, Prosthodontics

Duration and Prerequisite:

•   Total of 5 sessions: 3 sessions in New York and 2 sessions in UAE - Abu Dhabi and Dubai.
•   All sessions in New York University will include oral presentations and live TV demos and surgeries.
•   Each participant needs to attend all at 5 sessions.
•   Each participant needs to deposit a written report in their preferential topic selected from the title of the course. (minimum 20 pages) at the session #5 in NYU. Preparation of these written report will start from #1 session in Abu Dhabi and will be finalized during the session #4 in Abu Dhabi to be ready for submission in NY under the supervision of Dr. Philippe Tardieu.
•   Each participant needs to orally present 2 clinical cases in Session #4 in Abu Dhabi in their select specility.


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