15 May 2018

Futudent at CAD/CAM and Digital Dentistry Conference: New cameras and partnership

Interview with Brian Forth, the Head of Sales and Marketing at Futudent.
Futudent at CAD/CAM and Digital Dentistry Conference: New cameras and partnership

Dental Tribune MEA / CAPPmea: Please would you introduce yourself. 

Brian Forth: Sure, I am Brian Forth, I’m the Head of Sales and Marketing at Futudent. We are the global leader in dental video technology and we’re very happy to be here at the 13th CAD/CAM & Digital Dentistry Conference in Dubai. Thank you for having us. 

We were very proud to donate one of our cameras for this event. Also, we were very excited about a lot of new things that we did at this show. We donated a camera, we have premiered two brand new cameras that we have just launched, here at your event. And, then we also began working with our new partner, SWAN, here in the UAE. So, we had a lot of new and exciting things happening over the last two days.

Could you tell us a little bit more about the two new cameras that you have launched? What are their main advantages compared to the previous generation?

The two cameras that we launched are the proCam and the microCam. The proCam is the first 4K camera in dentistry, a miniaturized 4K camera. It can be used either on the loupes or on the light to film dental work in amazing detail. So, we’re very excited about that product. And, at the same time, we launched a product called the microCam. Now, the microCam is the smallest loupe-mounted dental camera. It’s only 12g, it feels like almost nothing, because doctors already have a lot of weight on the bridge of their nose, with their loupes and their light, so if you want to add a camera there, you want to keep the weight as low as possible. So, the microCam is a great camera for filming from the loupe to get that perfect shot from the point of view of the doctor,but without adding too much extra weight.

What is the main advantage for a dentist to actually make a video of the procedures? And, what is the main advantage for patients themselves?

That’s a great question. So, we’ve been doing this for a long time. We started seven years ago and we’ve seen the evolution of the use of video in general dentistry. It began as a technology that was primarily used by academics and key opinion leaders who needed to get great videos of their procedures for education to be able to show people in their presentations what they’re doing. But, what we’ve done, since we’ve started this, is we’ve taken those tools of video and we found ways to make it useful for a general practitioner. So, a corner doctor, even hygienists are able to film their work and show their patients and their colleagues in different cases. So, one of the most interesting uses for our video is really patient education—helping the patient see and understand the dental work that’s being done. It helps with treatment acceptance and then of course, within the team as well, to be able to share difficult cases. You can do a certain amount of still photography, but a video is so much richer, you can do a lot more with video. So, we’re seeing more and more applications for video all the time and we are very excited to be sitting at the front of that wave.

Brian, what do you think about the 13th edition of the CAD/CAM and Digital Dentistry Conference and Exhibition and about your partnership with SWAN, who is now your local distributor here in the UAE?

Well, I can say this has been a fantastic two days. We’ve had a lot of very exciting conversations in our little booth around the corner. I spend my life travelling around to dental shows—a lot of big ones—and this show was just very focused. So, the doctors who came here to talk about digital dentistry, they’re already in the right headspace, they’re technological savvy, they’re interested in using digital technology to enhance the way they communicate; the way they document their cases and they’re looking to do that with CAD/CAM and other technologies as well. We just offer another and unique way to do that, that is new for a lot of them. So, we’re still educating the market at the same time as we’re here talking with doctors.

Brian, thank you very much for the great interview. We hope to see you next year at the 14th edition of the event, which will be on the 12th and 13th of April 2019.

If you’d like more information about the Futudent cameras or our conference go to www.futudent.com or www.cappmea.com. Thank you and have a great day.