14 Jul 2018

Endodontics hands-on courses offered in July in Dubai

DUBAI, UAE: CAPP (Centre for Advanced Professional Practices) is specialising in organising high-quality continuing education (CE) courses which are executed by renowned international speakers. As an organiser of dental courses in the Middle East region for the past 13 years, CAPP has built an excellent reputation to be one of the best for continuing learning.
Endodontics hands-on courses offered in July in Dubai

Coming July, CAPP offers two hands-on courses in endodontics for all interested in endodontic dentistry that will be lead by the members of the British Academy of Restorative Dentistry (BARD).

As a part of the two day hands-on course lead by Dr. Antonis Chaniotis from Greece on “Endo Non-surgical and Surgical Retreatment”, participants during the first day will understand the rational behind non surgical retreatment approaches and the aitiology of initial root canal treatment failure. Additionally, the aim of this course is to present an evidence based framework for the safe and effective dissasembly of non obturation and obturation materials. During the second day, the participants will understand the factors related to the long term outcome of non surgical endodontic retreatment and develop a rational diagnostic and decision-making framework. Additionally, delegates will appreciate the importance of magnification and illumination for the management of complicated non surgical retreatment cases.

The main objective is to be able to bypass and remove broken endodontic files and understand all the preventive measures to avoid complications during endodontic instrumentation. Additionally, the delegates will be able to repair a pulp floor perforation, to obtutrate an internal resorption defect and to perform apical plugs with biocompatible materials.

The second hands-on course will be thaught by Prof. James Prichard from UK on “Endo Micro Surgical Retreatment”. The main aims during his two-day hands-on course are for participants to understand the rational behind micro surgical retreatment approaches and acquire basic surgical knowledge and to understand the importance of magnification in endodontic microsurgery and acquire basic microsurgical skills.

At the end of the first day of the course the delegated will be able to understand the outcomes of endodontic microsurgery vs traditional apicectomy, the science behind effective local anaesthesia in endodontic microsurgery, the use of a dental operating microscope in endodontic microsurgery, flap design and tissue handling to improve post-surgical healing, how to effectively prepare an osteotomy, which equipment is appropriate for use in micro-surgical techniques.

At the end of the second day the participants will have been calibrated to a dental operating microscope, identified cases where surgical intervention is appropriate, raised a flap with microsurgical instruments, created an osteotomy and identified anatomical markers, Performed root end resection and retrograde preparation of the root canal space, performed microsurgical suturin and developed a post-operative care strategy to minimize complications and improve healing.
Both courses are accredited for CME from ADA C.E.R.P, HAAD and DHA which is recognised by MOH.

All interested dental professionals are requested to do their registration on time as limited seats are available.

For more information on the courses visit: www.capptraininginstitute.com