01 Jun 2023

Digital Orthodontics Symposium - An exciting programme ahead!

The field of orthodontics is constantly evolving with advancements in technology, and one of the most highly anticipated events in the region is the Digital Orthodontics Symposium, organized by CAPP. This year's symposium, set to take place at the prestigious Madinat Jumeirah Arena & Conference Centre in Dubai, UAE, promises an exhilarating programme filled with insights from renowned experts and innovative technologies that are shaping the future of orthodontics.
Digital Orthodontics Symposium - An exciting programme ahead!

Scheduled to be held on 27 October, the Digital Orthodontics Symposium offers an exceptional opportunity for professionals in the field to stay updated on the latest trends, gain valuable knowledge, and network with like-minded individuals. With a line-up of esteemed speakers and a diverse range of topics, attendees are in for an extraordinary experience.

Let's take a closer look at some of the prominent speakers who will be sharing their expertise at the symposium:

  1. Dr. Pedro Costa Monteiro, Portugal - With his extensive experience in digital orthodontics, Dr. Monteiro will present a comprehensive digital solution for the management of orthodontic patients. Attendees can expect to gain insights into the implementation of digital tools to enhance patient care and treatment outcomes.
  2. Dr. Miguel Teixeira, Portugal - The lecture will focus on 4D shape-shifting aligners, which represent a new dimension in orthodontics. The lecture will highlight how these aligners can achieve high-quality results and improve patient compliance in their daily routine.
  3. Dr. Daniel Neves, Brazil - Known for his expertise in aligner treatment, Dr. Neves will shed light on the impact of optimal torque on aligner treatment success and stability. His presentation will explore strategies for maximising treatment results using digital technologies.
  4. Dr. Aman Kaur, USA - As an advocate for the next wave of dental evolution, Dr. Kaur will share insights on mastering your practice in the digital age. Attendees can expect to gain valuable knowledge on implementing digital solutions to enhance practice management and patient experience.
  5. Dr. Maximilian Küffer, Germany - A leading expert in skeletal anchorage, Dr. Küffer's session will focus on the digital workflow and clinical applications of metal printed appliances for skeletal anchorage. Attendees will gain valuable insights into the integration of digital technologies for enhanced treatment outcomes.
  6. Dr. Bader Borgan, Jordan - With his extensive knowledge and expertise, Dr. Borgan will contribute valuable insights to the symposium, enriching the discussions on digital orthodontics. Attendees can look forward to his unique perspective on the evolving landscape of orthodontic practices.

These distinguished speakers, will share their knowledge and expertise at the Digital Orthodontics Symposium. The comprehensive programme also includes hands-on workshops, panel discussions, and interactive sessions, ensuring a dynamic learning experience for all attendees.

The Madinat Jumeirah Arena & Conference Centre in Dubai, UAE, sets the perfect stage for this exceptional event. Known for its state-of-the-art facilities and world-class hospitality, the venue offers an ideal setting for professionals to come together and engage in meaningful discussions.

The Digital Orthodontics Symposium promises to be a transformative event, providing a platform for orthodontic professionals to embrace digital technologies, explore new horizons, and stay at the forefront of the ever-evolving field. Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or a budding professional, this symposium is an unmissable opportunity to expand your knowledge, connect with industry leaders, and shape the future of orthodontics.

Align Technology, a global leader in the field of digital orthodontics, proudly serves as the title sponsor of the Digital Orthodontics Symposium. With their cutting-edge innovations and commitment to advancing orthodontic treatment through digital technologies, Align Technology plays a crucial role in driving the industry forward. Their support underscores their dedication to fostering education, collaboration, and the exchange of knowledge among orthodontic professionals.

For more information about the event and to view the complete programme, please visit https://cappmea.com/digital-ortho-2023/speakers.

Don't miss out on this exciting journey into the world of digital orthodontics. Mark your calendars and join us at the Digital Orthodontics Symposium in Dubai, UAE, for an unforgettable experience of learning, collaboration, and innovation.