11 Feb 2018

Dental experts on CAD/CAM, digital dentistry and 3D Printing to lecture in Dubai

The 13th CAD/CAM & Digital Dentistry Conference & Exhibition to be held by CAPP (Centre for Advanced Professional Practices) in May 2018 in Dubai, CAD/CAM, Digital dentistry and 3D Printing will be in the spotlight for the thirteenth year in a row. CAPP will be hosting an event that will join the Digital Orthodontic Symposium (04-05 May) as well as Dental Technician International Meeting (04-05 May). The event will be spread over two days and will take place at the Madinat Jumeirah Conference Centre, Dubai, UAE.
Dental experts on CAD/CAM, digital dentistry and 3D Printing to lecture in Dubai

The international speakers will share and discuss their experiences, expertise and knowledge on the 04 and 05 May. The featured experts will offer insights into their daily practical work at the event, delegates will not only have the opportunity to witness top-class presentations by some of the leaders in dentistry, but they will also be able to exchange ideas, communicate and connect with experts and colleagues from all over the world. Dr. Munir Silwadi will host the 13th CAD/CAM & Digital Dentistry Conference.

The following speakers have been invited to the event to show case their expertise:

  • Dr. Roberto Molinari, Italy: “Esthetic Digital Process: Lab Side Protocols”
  • Dr. Roberto Molinari, Italy: “Esthetic Digital Process: Chair Side Protocols”
  • Prof. Dr. Daniel Wismeijer, The Netherlands: “3D Printing In The Full Digital Workflow”
  • Dr. Pawel Szuba-Paszkiewicz, Poland: ”Digital Prosthodontics: Planning & Scanning Full Protocol and Case Reviews”
  • Prof. Ross Hobson, UK: “Improving Planning and Predictability Using Digital Workflows in Ortho-Restorative Cases”
  • Dr. Francesco Garino, Italy: “How Intraoral Scanner Changed My Practice”
  • Prof. Khaled Balto, KSA: “Digitsed Endodontics: Clinical Applications and Beyond”
  • Dr. Jakob Zwaan, The Netherlands: “Innovative Protocols and Products in Digital Dentistry”
  • Jürgen Feierabend, MDT, Germany: “Improving Patient Care Through Modern Technology”
  • Eric Berger, DT, France: ”Aesthetic CAD-CAM Restorations: Indication and Material Selection”
  • Rik Jacobs, The Netherlands: “High Speed Biocompatible 3D Printing Solutions for Dental”
  • Aiham Farah, Syria: “With 100 Million Restorations Globally… Still time to Learn about E-Max.”
  • Philippe De Moyer, Belgium
  • Bill Marais, RDT, South Africa

Poster Presentation
The speakers from different countries will have a chance to present their academic research during the annual event hosted by CAPP. By submitting a poster presentation, the participant will:

  • have the opportunity to engage, communicate and sit down with other conference attendees interested in the same subject and application
  • can expect to receive compliments on their work and critiques on their shortcomings that will help them in the future
  • have the opportunity to practice their presentation skills, in a fun and professional environment

This category is open to all dental students, interns, graduate students, general dentist or dental specialists. The best three poster presentations will receive an award, plaque and certificate. All other presenters will receive a plaque and certificate.

Each year, the three best posters are selected and awarded with  prizes that are given by our sponsors. This year’s sponsors are Futudent, they will be awarding one of the winners with their latest EduCam Full HD dental camera. SWAN Med Supply, who is the distributor for UNIVET Company, will be awarding one of the winners with a beautiful UNIVET Loupe. And of course our annual supporter, Castle General Trading who is the distributor for Philips Sonicare and Jordan will be awarding one of the sponsors with a beautiful Philips Sonicare Electric toothbrush.

If  you would like to be a part of the poster presenters during our next conference, visit: https://www.cappmea.com/cadcam/poster_presentation

Hands-On Training Courses
In addition to the lectures, various hands-on training courses on exciting topics will take place:

  • Dr. Vesile Nuket Berk & Dr. Gizem Berk, Turkey: “Lasers in Dentistry”
  • Asst. Prof. Dr. Çağdaş Kışlaoğlu, Turkey: “Minimal Invasive and Non Prep Veneers Smart Smile Design with Veneers”
  • Dr. Eduardo Mahn, Chile: “Ceramic Contact Lenses: The Minimal Invasive Way of Doing Veneers”
  • Dr. Eduardo Mahn, Chile: “Direct Veneers: How to Master the Shade, Shape and Texture”
  • Dr. Eduardo Mahn, Chile: “The Direct Injection Technique: Creating Beautiful Forms with Minimum Effort and Maximum Reproducibility”
  • Dr. Eduardo Mahn, Chile: “Diastema Closure: Mastering Diastema Mediale, Multiple Diastemas and Peg Laterals”
  • Dr. Eduardo Mahn, Chile: “Preparation Rules for Cad-Cam Restorations”
  • Dr. Munir Silwadi, UAE: “Indirect Inlays, Onlays & Partial Crowns”
  • Dr. Munir Silwadi, UAE: “Indirect Veneers”
  • Dr. Jakob Zwaan, The Netherlands: “Digitised Treatment: From Planning Through Surgery To The Final Result”
  • Bill Marais, RDT, SA: “Hybrid Zircona Restorations, Made in a Simple Way”
  • Bill Marais, RDT, SA: “Anterior Biomimtic Course with LiSi Press”

The courses can be booked online or directly with the event organizer. Participants who register for the event before 27 February 2018 will receive an early-bird discount.
Online registration for the event is possible at https://www.cappmea.com/cadcam/registration