ITI Implant Privilege Mastership

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Basics of Implantology

Programme outline: Implant market, osseointegration, treatment alternatives, treatment planning and patient selection, basic surgical techniques and protocols. Hands-on training: surgical techniques and medico-legal aspects of implant dentistry.


  • Introduction and welcome
  • Implant market and trends in implantology
  • History of osseointegration. Factors for achieving successful osseo integration. Bone physiology
  • Treatment alternatives: evaluation/comparison pros and cons implants vs conventional treatments
  • Treatment planning and patient selection: indications and contraindications, medical history and medically compromised patients. Medications, smoking, and drugs basic periodontal examination. Clinical photos. Radiographs, clinical examination. Model making and diagnostic vax-up. Surgical guides. Pathology in soft and hard tissues, TMJ and bruxism. Aesthetic considerations, resorption, biotype, jaw relationships, high/low smile lines, presurgical treatments


  • Basic surgical techniques
  • Basic anatomy of head and neck
  • Pre-post-operative medication
  • Local anesthetic techniques
  • Flap design and raising flaps
  • Suturing
  • Hands-on training: raising flaps and suturing “pigs” feet
  • Hands-on training: treatment planning.


  • How to prepare for implant surgery
  • Aseptic surgical techniques: clean vs sterile techniques
  • Treatment room and equipment
  • Pre-surgical wash
  • Draping and gowning up
  • Postoperative breakdown, cleaning, and sterilisation
  • Pre- and postoperative information
  • Implant surgery protocol: step-by-step
  • Live surgery demonstration: hands-on surgical techniques: installation of implants using plastic models.


  • Photographic technique
  •     Radiographic technique: theory and indications
  •     Loading protocols
  •     Stents and guides for surgery
  •     Medico-legal aspects of implant dentistry
  •     Homework
  • Literature studies
  • Checklist: what is needed for optimum treatment plan and treatment of your own patients?
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