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The Implant Supra-Crestal Complex. Building the foundation for long term stable results in implant therapy

Time: 10:00-11:30 | 11:30-13:00
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The dental implantology field is in a continuous state of advancement, with the Cervico system by VPI standing out as a key instrument in this progression. This hands-on training dives deep into the Cervico system's multifaceted capabilities, ranging from guiding precise implant placements to facilitating the creation of anatomical healing abutments. Furthermore, an emphasis will be placed on the management of the Implant Supra-Crestal Complex (ISC) to ensure the foundation for lasting stability and a reduction in peri-implantitis cases. By the course's conclusion, participants will be well-equipped to offer a more refined and efficient implant therapy process.

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding the Cervico Framework and ISC Management: Grasp the principles behind the Cervico system and learn how to effectively manage the ISC for long-term implant stability and reduced peri-implantitis incidence
  • Mastery over the Cervico Mold: Hands-on experience with configuring and adapting the Cervico mold, ensuring readiness for various clinical situations. 
  • Clinical Protocols with Cervico: Master specific procedures, including the Cervico concept protocol for healed sites, the 1FPT impression technique, and more
  • Advanced Techniques with Cervico: Delve into specialized protocols, such as the Cervical socket seal abutment for immediate sites, socket seal plug for ridge preservation, and immediate temporization procedures using the Cervico system
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