36th Int’l Dental ConfEx CAD/CAM Digital & Oral Facial Aesthetics

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Sobczak Concept – Predictable outcomes through digital approach in full arch treatments


This lecture illustrates the application of a novel digital workflow for the immediate full-arch restoration with a white bridge over various indications and conditions. Pre- and intra-surgical direct digital impressions for the surgical and chairside prosthetic planning models were combined. This combination allowed to precisely adapt the prosthetic framework to the patients' macro aesthetics and local soft tissue anatomy and to identify and selectively apply regenerative procedures. This resulted in a precise, efficient and robust delivery of chairside manufactured immediate restorations. Implant-fixed complete dentures (IFCDs) are well established for the immediate rehabilitation of edentulous patients. Selecting an adequate treatment scheme is one of the most important factors for the long-term clinical success of IFCDs. This selection requires considering a wide range of objective clinical parameters, including anatomic, medical, technical, mechanical, and biological characteristics. In addition, subjective patient-perceived outcomes, including preferences and satisfaction, have recently gained equal importance for evaluating final treatment outcomes.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the application of digital workflow for the immediate full-arch restoration.
  • Discuss in detail about 3d printing versus milling for the surgical and chairside prosthetic planning models
  • Evaluate how to fabricate temporary full arch bridge and final full arch bridge
  • Discuss the “FP” (fixed prosthetics) categories based on aesthetic design - FP1 versus FP3
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