36th Int’l Dental ConfEx CAD/CAM Digital & Oral Facial Aesthetics

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Anterior aesthetics and CMD treatment with composite crowns


The lecture will give an overview about possibilities in composite restorations including all approaches. You will see how to realize direct veneering, transforming teeth, closure of diastemas or built ups of peg teeth with an easy layering technique combined with special effect colors. 

Moreover we get to learn about semi direct veneering with prefabricated composite shells and their individualization. 

The lecture will also show how single tooth composite prosthetics can replace in many cases ceramic restorations and which advantages you will have. 

Especially in CMD treatment the tooth like elasticity of composite crowns is useful to renew or raise occlusion if the position of the joint and the opponent teeth is not properly. Therefor we need an interdisciplinary concept, what will be presented during the lecture.   

Learning objectives

  • Anterior esthetics treatment planning for direct approach
  • Layering technique with effect colors in composite restorations
  • Veneering with prefabricated composite shells
  • Overview of crowns, implant crowns, partial crowns/Table tops, veneers and long-term provisional milled out of composite blocks
  • Concept about interdisciplinary CMD treatment
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