Dental Technician Int'l Meeting 2023

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Intra Oral Scanners: Bridging the gap between dentists and dental technicians

Time: 10:00-11:30 | 11:30-13:00 | 14:00-15:30 | 15:30-17:00
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Developed more then 25 years ago, CAD CAM is recognized today as a reliable and accurate technology replacing gradually conventional impression and simplifying it by eliminating a number of steps. Dentists, technicians, and patients all benefit from digital scanners. However, an Intra Oral Scanner is not a magic wand. The specifications of the device coupled with a powerful computer and software as well as the technique of using it, will ensure a fast and accurate scanning. 

Several Intra Oral Scanners (IOS) exist, each having its advantages and inconvenient. Many factors can affect the scanning procedure quality and duration and thus the final result. Different prosthetic reconstructions in restorative dentistry can be performed by Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing such as single crown, inlays-onlays, endocrowns and veneers.

The purpose of this lecture is to help the dentist and the dental technician choosing their IOS, and optimizing their communication for a perfect workflow using CAD CAM technology.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how digital dentistry transforms our daily workflow
  • What are the most important features when selecting an intra oral scanner
  • Get the techniques and tips to obtain a successful scanning procedure
  • The importance of digital datasets for enhanced communication and collaboration with manufacturers and labs
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