Dental Technician International Meeting 2018

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Amann Girrbach Presentation: The Real on “X" hybrid technic known as REAX

During this round table, Elie will demonstrate Amann Girrbach the Real on “X" hybrid technic known as REAX which will involve software from implant Substructure to bars, Gingiva, and full contour solutions.

The demonstration will show all the steps that will be involved in such complicated restoration constructions.

Demo will involve:

- a practical demonstration on the CAD software Ceramill mind -M-Plant/M-bars/M-Gin with the respective anatomical coping for Porcelain veneer or the full crown for final restorations.

- Independent designing of the abutment based on the scan data created.

- positioning the abutment components ( emergence profile, insertion direction, etc…) on the scanned data

- designing of a screw-retained real all on x bridge with the gingiva

- special software tips and tricks and special tools used during the design ( fit control, marginal contouring, etc…)

- Editing of already completed designs will also be handled.

- The focus will be also on the use of the virtual articulator.

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