Digital Orthodontics Symposium 2019

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Aesthetically Focused Multi-Disciplinary Treatment Planning with Aligners


  • Understanding what clear aligners are and their limitations
  • Understanding the scope of Treatment planning aligners alongside, Restorative, Periodontal and Implant treatment modalities
  • Retention protocol post treatment
  • The use of Intra-Oral Scanning & CAD CAM design in aligner treatment planning.

With an advancing scope for orthodontic treatment transcending from a young teen group to an adult population, our scope for understanding and evaluating their use in treatment planning has vastly increased. Not only has their scope dramatically increased in treating orthodontic mal occlusions of various degrees but their scope within multi-disciplinary treatment has expanded much more. 

Dealing with cosmetically focused patients and delivering ethical treatment that matches both the desires of the patient and the clinician has become an increasing challenge. The challenge has been to overcome the appearance of these disciplines as separate entities but to combine them into delivering an overall result for the patient.  Combining orthodontic aligner, periodontics & restorative treatment planning in combination with CAD CAM scanning and design we can show can you can expand on the ABB (Align, Bleach, Bond) concept and also how combining these disciplines can provide a better overall aesthetic ortho-restorative outcome.

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