Digital Orthodontics Symposium 2019

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In-office Control Management of Orthodontic Clear Aligners

Clear aligners have gained popularity at the turn of the century when new companies to the dental industry figured out a way to produce custom aligners to straighten teeth. Since then, these companies have grown to dominate the clear aligner market place and created a confusing dilemma regarding proper case selection. In addition these systems are expensive and lack adequate training for operators to implement properly.


This lecture introduces to the dental professionals the importance of being in full control of their cases; by getting the knowledge for selection, planning and correcting their cases digitally or manually, and not being dictated a treatment plan blindly. It also introduces participants to the clinically-proven treatment principles of an affordable in-office minor tooth movement clear aligner therapy that can be made entirely in dental office. Thus, not relying on an imposed plan or being charged unnecessary sky high fess.

Learning objectives

  • Illuminating to the dental professional importance of proper selection of cases required for clear aligner therapy.
  • Introduction to the clinically-proven treatment principles of the in-office minor tooth movement clear aligner therapy using friendly 3D software and thermopliers.
  • Enlightening the significance of conceiving general biomechanics of the main minor core moves typically accomplished with a clear plastic aligner.
  • Introducing the steps of treatment planning, virtual transformation and aligner fabrication.
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