Digital Orthodontics Symposium 2019

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Digital Workflow: How to Create an Indirect Bonding Tray with Bracket Placement and Appliance Designer


What are the practical advantages of an intraoral scan in orthodontics? In this clinical training we will show you how convenient it is to use your digital scanner to create an indirect bonding tray. We will use a full digital workflow.  After the segmentation you can download your own brackets and place them in the proper position in the Orthodontics analyzer software.

In this lecture we will show you the different features that are available in bracketplacement. Afterwards you can use this as a virtual setup. We will also explain you how to create your own digital tray and how you can export it to your 3D printer. Once your tray is printed, it is ready for bracket insertion and bonding.

Learning Objectives

  • Virtual setup
  • Bracket placement
  • Appliance designer
  • Indirect bonding tray
  • 3D printing
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