Digital Orthodontics Symposium 2019

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Clinical Efficiency by Using the Advanced Digital Orthodontic Solution with 3D Customised Fixed Self Ligating Appliances

The 3D customized orthodontic appliances offers a comprehensive digital design and customized appliance treatment system that empowers you to achieve your ideal finishes efficiently and consistently.

The digital tools in the Approver software enable you to simulate the final desired result at the beginning of treatment. Easy manipulation of the dentition and occlusion takes much of the guesswork out of treatment planning for greater predictability and consistency.

It’s unique visual tools allow you to plan smile design details precisely , and we’ll have a customized torque for every single tooth, which allows to have a better finishing and outstanding results, in addition of all of this the indirect bonding method of customized placement jigs help ensure brackets are accurately transferred to the correct positions.

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