Digital Orthodontics Symposium 2019

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Clear Aligners: Fundamentals and Practice


Clear aligner, that piece of thermoformed plastic material is gaining an increasing interest as an alternative to conventional orthodontic metal or ceramic brackets treatment. Adults and teens are big fan of such an approach in restoring their functional and cosmetic dental needs. 

Clear aligners are effective in the hands of well-educated and trained clinician. In here, we will discuss the moral and ethical responsibility of the treating clinician who would adapt this service to help treating his/her own patients. Thorough analysis of the existing occlusion and mal-aligned teeth, proper treatment planning, and acknowledgment of this approach limitation are the key for the success of any kind of treatment approach or protocol.

One of the key factors driving the robust growth rate of clear aligner industry is the technological advancement in dental machines and soft wares; another is the revolution in the properties of the materials used. In this lecture we will go briefly through the innovation of digital dental scanners and printers and how did it affect the dental work flow.

Saying the above technology will not eliminate the need for proficient clinician and proper treatment analysis and planning.

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